Cleaning Services in Warrington UK

Carpets & Upholstery

We can clean when it suits YOU – evenings and weekends, not just between nine and five, Monday to Friday.

Whenever practical, we inspect your carpet or furniture and give you a fixed price. We honour all quotations for at least 3 months. We won’t give a cheap estimate over the phone and then add extra charges, or skimp on the work because it is under-priced. We will tell you if we believe cleaning may not be successful, and explain possible problems such as colour fastness or weak seams.

Treating stains and marks such as wine, grease or chewing gum properly can be time consuming and may need special chemicals. If we are unsure how much work is involved, we offer prices based on the actual time taken. You only pay for the work we do.

We will move your furniture so long as it is safe for us to do so. Please remove items such as books, pictures and ornaments to prevent accidental damage. We can move items such as TV’s and computers but you may need to reconnect any cables that come loose.

We don’t make silly promises about drying times! We leave your carpets as dry as possible, but ultimately, drying time depends on both the temperature and the amount of ventilation. It can be significantly shortened If the windows are left open after cleaning.

We only use high quality materials from reputable suppliers and always follow their instructions for safe use.

We are of course fully insured for both Public Liability and any damage to your carpets – if you have particular concerns, please ask as we can always arrange additional cover if needed.

Before deciding who cleans YOUR carpets, ask if they: 

  • Always test your carpet first to make sure they only use the correct chemicals and techniques
  • Tell you if your carpet cannot be effectively deep cleaned
  • Use a two stage process with dry extraction to remove as much soilage as possible followed by hot water to remove the ingrained dirt
  • Take the time to do the job thoroughly so your carpets stay looking clean for longer
  • Use top quality PROCHEM specialist products
  • Have professional training and technical backup
  • Are fully insured
  • Guarantee satisfaction, or do it again – for free!

We may not be the cheapest, but we offer good value and a quality service